Better Union

We share a common vision for a better union, and have developed an effective strategy achieve it. That’s why we’ve organized a team of candidates to run in this year’s election for the CUPE 3903 Executive Committee.

Our vision is based on making the union fully accessible to all its members, to ensure wider participation and a stronger mobilization. We think these proposals would make a better union possible:

  • Establish a secure and reliable system of electronic voting in the union
  • Combat the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings
  • Re-open the Grad Lounge as a joint-initiative with the Graduate Students’ Association
  • Promote the union among undergrads through ongoing education campaigns
  • Coordinate with other unions and the student movement to build a province-wide campaign against tuition fees

We believe we can be more effective if we work as a united team. You don’t have to vote for every one of us, but we want to offer members the choice of electing an executive that is united, works well together, and shares a common strategy to build a better union.

We represent a diverse cross-section of our members. Running as a team allows us to ensure gender balance and to improve representation of racialized members and under-represented departments and faculties on the executive.

We bring a wide range of organizing experiences from within the local, the rest of the labour movement, and other social struggles. We see this diversity as an asset, allowing our team to draw on each other’s skills and strengths.

The strength of our team is what we bring to it collectively.


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