Our plan

Our plan is focused on three main areas:

Bringing our union to the members

  • Establish a secure and reliable system of electronic voting in the union, to involve more members in decision-making
  • Combat the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings, and ensure that all union events are safe, accessible and welcoming spaces
  • Re-open the Grad Lounge as a joint-initiative with the Graduate Students’ Association, to create more study, work and social spaces for members
  • Host one CUPE luncheon in every department once a semester, to report on the activities of the local and to engage members’ concerns
  • Organize accessible and accountable steward elections in every hiring unit, to ensure wider member participation in central union bodies
  • Organize an annual orientation for new members of the local and an annual training workshop for newly-elected stewards

Bringing our union to the rest of campus

  • Expand A better York is possible into an ongoing education campaign, to build long-term support among students for our union, our members and our work
  • Partner with the York Federation of Students and the Graduate Students’ Association in campus-wide safety and anti-oppression campaigns
  • Build a campus-wide coalition of anti-racism groups, student unions, and trade unions, to launch a Task Force on Anti-Racism at York University
  • Strengthen the Cross-Campus Alliance, to build a united front among campus trade unions and student unions in dealing with the Employer

Bringing our union to the rest of the labour movement