Joanne Azevedo for Treasurer

Joanne Azevedo for Treasurer

Vote Joanne Azevedo for a #BetterUnion

My name is Joanne Azevedo and I’m seeking re-election as Secretary Treasurer. I am a PhD candidate in Social Work and a Unit 1 member.

Over the past year, I have upheld my commitment to financial accountability. I strongly believe that we must use collective resources strategically and transparently in order to further the union’s collective political goals.

I am proud of my record as Treasurer in the past two terms. Specifically, I championed the completion of three full external audits. These audits significantly contributed to securing our local’s financial health, which helped enable our success at the bargaining table.. After two full terms in office, I now have the experience and the vision to be able to implement new and innovative ways to care for our members, such as online expense submission processes and direct deposit funds allocation from our benefit funds (including PDF, EHB, Ways & Means, and the new Childcare Fund). I will also aim to keep our local on a secure financial path in preparation for the next bargaining round in 2017.

I believe that a better union is possible. That’s why I’m running as part of a team of candidates who want to create a local for all its members. We want the local to be more open, accessible and welcoming. We are committed to combating the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings. We support electronic voting so more members can participate in decision making. We are committed to building on the strike’s momentum to broaden the campaign against tuition fees and precarious work and for accessible, high quality education. Learn more about our plan and how to join our campaign: click here.