Mike Bartlett for Chief Steward Unit 3

Mike Bartlett for Chief Steward Unit 3

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My name is Mike Bartlett and I’m running for Chief Steward Unit 3. I am a candidate in the Master of Social Work program and a Unit 3 member.

Prior to and throughout the strike, I worked hard to keep my department informed and mobilized, and encouraged members to critically engage with the bargaining and strike processes. I was a strong advocate for the implementation of pro-rated strike pay. I also openly encouraged the local to critically look at the toxicity of our meetings and work together to foster a safer space for all members.

I believe we should celebrate the achievements of the strike while critically examining where we fell short and where we can improve moving forward. As a Chief Steward, I would advocate strongly for an online voting system that can make participation in important union decisions accessible to everyone, while acknowledging that e-voting cannot replace real tangible accommodations for members with diverse accessibility needs. I am committed to taking a collaborative approach to mobilization, and increasing accessibility by supporting the formation of an exclusive caucus for members with disAbilities.

I believe that a better union is possible. That’s why I’m running as part of a team of candidates who want to create a local for all its members. We want the local to be more open, accessible and welcoming. We are committed to combating the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings. We support electronic voting so more members can participate in decision making. We are committed to building on the strike’s momentum to broaden the campaign against tuition fees and precarious work and for accessible, high quality education. Learn more about our plan and how to join our campaign: click here.