Najwa Eidda for Vice-President Unit 1

Najwa Eidda for Vice-President Unit 1

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My name is Najwa Eidda and I’m running for Vice President Unit 1. I am a PhD candidate in Social Work and a Unit 1 member.

Before I moved to Toronto, from Jerusalem-Palestine, I spent 15 years working as a community organizer and human rights activist. My skill set has been developed through my work in Palestinian civil society organizations, unions, and popular committees. I have created and supported campaigns against home demolition in Palestine and in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. Over the past two years, I have been active as a rank-and-file member of our local and served as a Unit 1 representative on the local’s Bargaining Team.

I am proud of my record on the Bargaining Team. The historic gains secured by our local illustrate that victories are possible as a result of strategic planning, organizing and mobilizing.

As Vice President Unit 1, I want to continue to create inclusive and equitable spaces within our union. I will also work to build solidarity with unions and civil society organizations within and outside of our workplace. Finally, I hope to build on our local’s deep commitment to social justice, human rights, and justice.

I believe that a better union is possible. That’s why I’m running as part of a team of candidates who want to create a local for all its members. We are committed to combating the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings. We support electronic voting so more members can participate in decision making. We are committed to building on the strike’s momentum to broaden the campaign against tuition fees and precarious work and for accessible, high quality education. Learn more about our plan and how to join our campaign: click here.