Sharon Davidson for Chief Steward Unit 2

Sharon Davidson for Chief Steward Unit 2

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My name is Sharon Davidson and I’m running for Chief Steward Unit 2. I teach at Keele and Glendon campuses in English, Humanities, and the Writing Department and am a Unit 2 member.

I have a long history of involvement in the local, having held various past positions on the Executive Committee (VP, Women’s Caucus Co-Chair), on Bargaining Teams, and on committees such as Labour Management, Teaching Development, Ways and Means, and Restructuring (during the Atkinson-Arts merger). These experiences have underscored for me the need to improve contract faculty engagement in the union.

As Chief Steward, I want to develop new ways for advancing the representation of contract faculty within departments at York’s two campuses and Stewards’ Council. This has been a challenge in the past. New approaches to stewardship within Unit 2 need to be sought. I will work on initiatives such as: e-voting; developing an elected Stewards’ Council; and the implementation of a Unit 2 website blog as an online space where we can share a sense of community and information about our working conditions, problems we experience as contract faculty, and knowledge of our collective agreement provisions.

I believe that a better union is possible. That’s why I’m running as part of a team of candidates who want to create a local for all its members. We want the local to be more open, accessible and welcoming. We are committed to combating the toxicity that drives members away from union meetings. We support electronic voting so more members can participate in decision making. We are committed to building on the strike’s momentum to broaden the campaign against tuition fees and precarious work and for accessible, high quality education. Learn more about our plan and how to join our campaign: click here.